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The Journey West takes a detour South

We say our goodbyes to Ohio as we leave Cincinnati in our rearview mirror on the morning of June 8 and head south to Franklin, North Carolina. I75 takes us through picturesque horse country in Kentucky and then climbs into the mountains of Tennessee. We make a stop at the Cracker Barrel, which is surprisingly…. not bad. We all take a break from the road for a while and relax on the lawn outside the restaurant.

No trip would be complete if not for traffic delays and we are lucky to encounter one soon after leaving the Cracker Barrel. We’re stopped in traffic for nearly an hour as construction shuts down one of the lanes. Alyssa and I have zoned out as we listen to Radio Lab – great stories of escape, despair, of how to freak the phones, I enjoy our time together and the interests of my oldest daughter. The way is slow and we listen to many of these, Nash, on the other hand is not so interested in the dialogue and is clearly ready to be done with the drive. Her panting is incessant and as I look to the back seat of the truck, I see that she has fogged the rear window quite completely. Opening the window seems to do wonders for her attitude and she is content to stick her nose out the window and experience all the smells that pass us by.

We finally reach the end of the construction and the road opens up to North Carolina. We are soon off the freeway and onto the state highways and winding roads that lead us to Franklin and family. We finally arrive at a wonderful cabin in the woods where we will spend the next two nights as we say hello to family as we say our goodbyes to Grand-mommy Young.


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